What other types of toppers are there?

There are now various types of mattress pads, called toppers. Recently, they are in the conversation as a real miracle weapon for and against all sleep problems. Among other things, they should effectively fight back pain. Can a topper do that? We’ll tell you.

What other types of toppers are there?

In addition to the above-mentioned visco and gel toppers, there are also made of cold foam or latex.

Topper made of cold foam

Cold foam pads are popular because of their positive properties. They are easy to clean, very breathable and thus regulate the resulting moisture at night, so they are very popular with allergy sufferers.

This type of topper is also characterized by its high surface elasticity, which causes the body weight can spread well. Your body is thus supported by the adaptability. That’s why people with back pain choose the cold foam topper.

Especially dormouse enjoy the high point elasticity that allows adjustment. At the same time, there is high dimensional stability, so that the spine, intervertebral disc, and joints are relieved – and even with the frequent change of sleeping position.

Topper made of latex

A latex topper looks a lot like cold foam. So it adapts well to lying positions and also has a high point elasticity, which mainly benefits side sleepers or very restless sleepers.

Air circulation is even better thanks to integrated air ducts that provide direct ventilation to the mattress. This causes the body to warm up less at night and so the sleeping position no longer needs to be changed so often.

Latex has antibacterial properties, which is why mites have less chance – a calming effect that should be welcomed by both allergy and non-allergic people. Of course, there should be no latex allergy.

Both latex mattresses and toppers made of this material relieve the body, which can sink so gently. In the case of back pain, a latex base can be very beneficial during sleep.

The properties of Toppers made of natural latex are similar in principle to the cold foam, but latex is more durable. This is offset by a fairly high weight and the higher price. Buy The at thebest-mattress.org from our online store.

Hotel mattresses: no sleep problems on vacation. And at home?

Frequently customers come to us after their vacation trip to business because they slept better on vacation than at home. Why is that and what mattresses are in hotel beds? Here we would like to get to the bottom of the topic and offer solutions.

Many hotels have now learned that a hotel night is also associated with the mattress and then evaluated. And if I sleep in such a hotel bed and have just the simplest home on the slatted base, the difference is noticeable. These do not have to be luxury beds or expensive boxspring beds, a decent pocket spring mattress is enough.

Why is good sleep worth so little?

We like to spend money on what you see: alloy wheels, clothes or the kitchen (even if you cannot cook). These are partly status symbols that you show to others. This is rarely done with a mattress.

In other countries, good sleep is worth a little more to people. The scientific realization that restful sleep is responsible for a more efficient and healthier life is often suppressed in this country.

Why is the hotel mattress so good?

That even 90-100% is possible, forgets we in most cases. This 100% can only be achieved with a mattress that has been individually adjusted to suit your individual needs – and that requires good and detailed advice.

What makes a good hotel mattress?

In contrast to the 100% matching mattress, the hotel mattress is designed for a broad mass. Every guest is different. Not only in size and weight but especially in body shape and sleep behavior. A good hotel mattress is characterized by the fact that as few as possible of the guests really bad sleep, but all reach a healthy mediocrity.

There are special mattresses like the pocket spring mattress from 7StarsDreams. This mattress is very adaptable and suitable for many body types. However, she can rarely replace a mattress, which has emerged through competent and individual sleep counseling. Buy thebest-mattress.org now.

Where can I order hotel mattresses?

There are special mattress manufacturers who only manufacture for hotels and do not supply end consumers. However, this is replaced regularly because the wear and also the pollution take on larger dimensions than in the private sector.

Tips on keeping your bed cool:

  • Choose cotton sheets. Cotton breathes, making your sheets and pillow feel relatively cool.
  • Take a (warm) shower. As seductive as a cold shower sounds, it only has the opposite effect on your body temperature. The cold water causes a temporary decrease in your body temperature, which is perceived by your internal thermostat. It then goes to work to keep your body temperature rising, making you even warmer. After a warm shower, just the opposite happens: your thermostat responds to the temporary increase in your body temperature by lowering it.
  • Put on a fan that moves the air in the bedroom and provides a welcome breeze.
  • Try to keep your house cool by keeping windows, doors, and curtains closed during the day. In the early morning, the outside temperature is often still very pleasant; a good moment to ventilate your bedroom and the rest of the house.

The best tip: the waterbed, the solution for summer and winter                         

One solution you can benefit from all year round is the waterbed. A waterbed feels wonderfully cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter. The minimum temperature for your waterbed is 24° C. At a lower temperature, your body will over-cool during sleep and spend more energy to regulate body temperature. In summer, we recommend heating your waterbed to 26 ° C. At this temperature, the waterbed vaporizes your transpiration moisture and gives you a less clammy sleeping sensation. In this way, the waterbed keeps your body relatively cool even on warm summer evenings. Buy thebest-mattress.org online.

The ideal bed for a hot summer or a cold winter: the waterbed!

In winter, the temperature of the water bed is often set to 28° C, but we recommend that you find out for yourself which temperature you find pleasant – in combination with your sleeping clothes and winter duvet.

More information about the waterbed?

With water so you enjoy both in summer and in winter a pleasant sleep temperature. Would you like to know more about our waterbeds or would you like to know which type of waterbed is suitable for you? Then contact us for more information.

Instructions for your water mattress:

How long does my water mattress last?

Water mattresses have a long life span of 8 to 10 years. Provided that you maintain the mattress well.

Is it time to exchange your water mattress? Then also check the condition of your other waterbed parts, like the waterbed heater. This part has a comparable lifespan, and even when replacing the heater your water mattress must be pumped out. Therefore, we recommend that you replace several parts at the same time if necessary so that you only need to empty your water mattress once.

Tip: When replacing your water mattress, also consider placing a new safety film and thermal barrier so that you only need to empty your water mattress once.

Instructions for your water mattress

Would you like to know more about your new water mattress? We have developed a detailed manual for both the outside and hard side water mattresses. Here you will find everything you need to know about your water mattress.

Extend the life of your water mattress

To maintain the quality of your the best Mattress ORG, it is important to maintain it well. Especially the condition of the water and the vinyl – the material of which the mattress is made – are decisive for the condition of your water mattress.

A bad condition of the water can cause the water to stink. If you do not care for the vinyl of your water mattress, it will be harder and stiffer, increasing the risk of leakage.

Care products

Therefore, we recommend that you put every six months waterbed conditioner in the water in your waterbed. The conditioner keeps the water clean and fresh. The Vinyl Cleaner Waterbed not only keeps the vinyl clean but also supply, reducing the risk of vinyl cracks.

Additional protection of your water mattress

To better protect your water mattress and reduce soiling, you can place a dirt trap between your water mattress and the cover. This film protects your water mattress from dust, transpiration moisture, and other dirt. Thanks to the dirt trap foil, less dirt gets on your water mattress and you need to clean it less frequently. Depending on your cover, you may need a universal dirt trap or zippered foil.

Consideration for the edged pillars required to support heavy people!

While checking different factors necessary to reach the most suitable mattress for heavy weighted people, it is necessary to have a look on the edge pillars. An individual spends huge hours while sleeping. Mostly, the edge pillars should be supportive to bear the ardent activities. If you reach for one of the mattress edges in your sleeping mode, then it is a must for the edges to remain hefty for preventing any slump or crumbled incidence.

When such crucial importance is given to sleeping hours, then there is a need to give such vital importance to the mattress also. Mostly, mattresses are used in the night-time. Though, the bed plays a great role during the entire day-time. If you sit on the edge of the bed during the day-time, then there is a great need to take care of the edge pillars. While the amatory activities are active during both the day and night-time according to divergent individuals, there is a great need to check the support level in the edge corners.

Benefits of the sturdy mattress edges

If your mattress has sturdy edges, then your bed needs to bear the strength to hold the particular mattress. With hefty edges, one gets to enjoy a good and stable performance. It also helps to prevent a mattress from subsiding during the sleeping hours. In addition, the extra foam surface around the edges also adds a great help to the heavy people.

Which type of mattress is best for edge support?

Generally, the mattress material plays a great role in determining the support level within the edges or corners of the mattress or bed. A mattress selection process is also dependent on the body weight of every individual. Choose a durable model from the http://www.thebest-mattress.org/best-mattress-for-heavy-people/.

An innerspring, coiled, or hybrid mattress are suitable for heavyweight people to make sure about proper support on the edges. The memory foam mattress is full of comfort but lacks in edge supporting corners. It is a worse condition for an overweight person to sleep on a memory foam mattress. It is a must to take the decision wisely for improving health condition.

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If you like to have the benefits of this site and like to have comfort of sleep for long time then you must get their membership. The membership is for free. You will not have any problem. They are providing the best offers that are especially for their customers. If you are having any problem with your sleep then this site helps you to find the best mattress for having rest to your body. The designs and styles that are found here are very much having quality and all these mattresses are having great durability.

Best mattresses for your babies

Being a parent, child safety must be your first concern. Sleep for your kids is a very important part of their growth. Today so many types of baby mattresses for crib are available in the market. You should go through all of them and get the best mattress for your baby. You should also check the standard and certifications before buying a baby mattress. You can buy these mattresses through online shopping as well.

Important things to keep in mind

First of all, you should avoid buying a second-hand mattress for the baby. Because the old mattress can be terra firma for bacteria which can put your baby in an unhealthy condition. It will also lead your baby towards the unhealthy sleeping environment. Secondly, the size of the mattress is also very important. Check the size of the crib and then buy a perfect sized mattress. Make sure there should be a gap between mattress and crib for air circulation for baby. The weight of the mattress also plays an important role. The mattress should not be much heavier so that the baby can sleep comfortably on it. You must protect the mattress with the covers as well to avoid direct contact of baby and mattress. It will also provide mattress long life; it will keep the mattress safe from baby’s pee and poop. Except for other types of mattresses you should concentrate on the two-sided mattress. You can flip this mattress when required this will also help you to prevent your baby from wetness.

Why organic  

I would like to recommend you the organic mattresses. So many companies available out there which provide the organic mattresses. These mattresses are a combination of foam and organic raw materials. While they are expensive, these mattresses are very much safe for your kids. This article http://www.thebest-mattress.org/what-is-the-best-mattress-for-side-sleepers/ will help you to differentiate among all of them. Organic mattress keep baby warm as well because these mattresses are made of organic material. Due to no use of metal like material organic mattress are very much helpful for the growth of your baby. Choose the best mattress for the baby and give him a better sleep.