What other types of toppers are there?

There are now various types of mattress pads, called toppers. Recently, they are in the conversation as a real miracle weapon for and against all sleep problems. Among other things, they should effectively fight back pain. Can a topper do that? We’ll tell you.

What other types of toppers are there?

In addition to the above-mentioned visco and gel toppers, there are also made of cold foam or latex.

Topper made of cold foam

Cold foam pads are popular because of their positive properties. They are easy to clean, very breathable and thus regulate the resulting moisture at night, so they are very popular with allergy sufferers.

This type of topper is also characterized by its high surface elasticity, which causes the body weight can spread well. Your body is thus supported by the adaptability. That’s why people with back pain choose the cold foam topper.

Especially dormouse enjoy the high point elasticity that allows adjustment. At the same time, there is high dimensional stability, so that the spine, intervertebral disc, and joints are relieved – and even with the frequent change of sleeping position.

Topper made of latex

A latex topper looks a lot like cold foam. So it adapts well to lying positions and also has a high point elasticity, which mainly benefits side sleepers or very restless sleepers.

Air circulation is even better thanks to integrated air ducts that provide direct ventilation to the mattress. This causes the body to warm up less at night and so the sleeping position no longer needs to be changed so often.

Latex has antibacterial properties, which is why mites have less chance – a calming effect that should be welcomed by both allergy and non-allergic people. Of course, there should be no latex allergy.

Both latex mattresses and toppers made of this material relieve the body, which can sink so gently. In the case of back pain, a latex base can be very beneficial during sleep.

The properties of Toppers made of natural latex are similar in principle to the cold foam, but latex is more durable. This is offset by a fairly high weight and the higher price. Buy The at thebest-mattress.org from our online store.