Tips on keeping your bed cool:

  • Choose cotton sheets. Cotton breathes, making your sheets and pillow feel relatively cool.
  • Take a (warm) shower. As seductive as a cold shower sounds, it only has the opposite effect on your body temperature. The cold water causes a temporary decrease in your body temperature, which is perceived by your internal thermostat. It then goes to work to keep your body temperature rising, making you even warmer. After a warm shower, just the opposite happens: your thermostat responds to the temporary increase in your body temperature by lowering it.
  • Put on a fan that moves the air in the bedroom and provides a welcome breeze.
  • Try to keep your house cool by keeping windows, doors, and curtains closed during the day. In the early morning, the outside temperature is often still very pleasant; a good moment to ventilate your bedroom and the rest of the house.

The best tip: the waterbed, the solution for summer and winter                         

One solution you can benefit from all year round is the waterbed. A waterbed feels wonderfully cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter. The minimum temperature for your waterbed is 24° C. At a lower temperature, your body will over-cool during sleep and spend more energy to regulate body temperature. In summer, we recommend heating your waterbed to 26 ° C. At this temperature, the waterbed vaporizes your transpiration moisture and gives you a less clammy sleeping sensation. In this way, the waterbed keeps your body relatively cool even on warm summer evenings. Buy online.

The ideal bed for a hot summer or a cold winter: the waterbed!

In winter, the temperature of the water bed is often set to 28° C, but we recommend that you find out for yourself which temperature you find pleasant – in combination with your sleeping clothes and winter duvet.

More information about the waterbed?

With water so you enjoy both in summer and in winter a pleasant sleep temperature. Would you like to know more about our waterbeds or would you like to know which type of waterbed is suitable for you? Then contact us for more information.