Instructions for your water mattress:

How long does my water mattress last?

Water mattresses have a long life span of 8 to 10 years. Provided that you maintain the mattress well.

Is it time to exchange your water mattress? Then also check the condition of your other waterbed parts, like the waterbed heater. This part has a comparable lifespan, and even when replacing the heater your water mattress must be pumped out. Therefore, we recommend that you replace several parts at the same time if necessary so that you only need to empty your water mattress once.

Tip: When replacing your water mattress, also consider placing a new safety film and thermal barrier so that you only need to empty your water mattress once.

Instructions for your water mattress

Would you like to know more about your new water mattress? We have developed a detailed manual for both the outside and hard side water mattresses. Here you will find everything you need to know about your water mattress.

Extend the life of your water mattress

To maintain the quality of your the best Mattress ORG, it is important to maintain it well. Especially the condition of the water and the vinyl – the material of which the mattress is made – are decisive for the condition of your water mattress.

A bad condition of the water can cause the water to stink. If you do not care for the vinyl of your water mattress, it will be harder and stiffer, increasing the risk of leakage.

Care products

Therefore, we recommend that you put every six months waterbed conditioner in the water in your waterbed. The conditioner keeps the water clean and fresh. The Vinyl Cleaner Waterbed not only keeps the vinyl clean but also supply, reducing the risk of vinyl cracks.

Additional protection of your water mattress

To better protect your water mattress and reduce soiling, you can place a dirt trap between your water mattress and the cover. This film protects your water mattress from dust, transpiration moisture, and other dirt. Thanks to the dirt trap foil, less dirt gets on your water mattress and you need to clean it less frequently. Depending on your cover, you may need a universal dirt trap or zippered foil.