Hotel mattresses: no sleep problems on vacation. And at home?

Frequently customers come to us after their vacation trip to business because they slept better on vacation than at home. Why is that and what mattresses are in hotel beds? Here we would like to get to the bottom of the topic and offer solutions.

Many hotels have now learned that a hotel night is also associated with the mattress and then evaluated. And if I sleep in such a hotel bed and have just the simplest home on the slatted base, the difference is noticeable. These do not have to be luxury beds or expensive boxspring beds, a decent pocket spring mattress is enough.

Why is good sleep worth so little?

We like to spend money on what you see: alloy wheels, clothes or the kitchen (even if you cannot cook). These are partly status symbols that you show to others. This is rarely done with a mattress.

In other countries, good sleep is worth a little more to people. The scientific realization that restful sleep is responsible for a more efficient and healthier life is often suppressed in this country.

Why is the hotel mattress so good?

That even 90-100% is possible, forgets we in most cases. This 100% can only be achieved with a mattress that has been individually adjusted to suit your individual needs – and that requires good and detailed advice.

What makes a good hotel mattress?

In contrast to the 100% matching mattress, the hotel mattress is designed for a broad mass. Every guest is different. Not only in size and weight but especially in body shape and sleep behavior. A good hotel mattress is characterized by the fact that as few as possible of the guests really bad sleep, but all reach a healthy mediocrity.

There are special mattresses like the pocket spring mattress from 7StarsDreams. This mattress is very adaptable and suitable for many body types. However, she can rarely replace a mattress, which has emerged through competent and individual sleep counseling. Buy now.

Where can I order hotel mattresses?

There are special mattress manufacturers who only manufacture for hotels and do not supply end consumers. However, this is replaced regularly because the wear and also the pollution take on larger dimensions than in the private sector.